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Cirurgia estética periodontal: uma opção de tratamento para casos de sorriso gengival causado por etiologias associadas

Edição V14N3  |  Ano 2017  |  Categoria: Artigo Original  |  Página 78 até 87


Larissa Paloski, Karina Mingareli Riguette de Souza, Eduardo Augusto Pfau, Veruska de João Malheiros Pfau


Gingival smile can be defined as a gingival exposure greater than 3 mm of the area located in the cervical third of teeth. The literature reports that its etiology can be isolated or attributed to an association of factors. Among such causes, can be listed: skeletal aspects such as dentoalveolar extrusion and vertical maxillary growth; and even aspects related to hyperactivity of the upper lip levator muscle. Methods: in the present clinical case, gingival smile was diagnosed due to an altered passive eruption, aggravated by hyperactivity of the upper lip levator muscle. A passive eruption is classified according to the amount of gingival structure in excess and according to the biological distance measured; this classification is divided into groups (Type 1- excess of gingival tissue, Type 2- a small strip of keratinized gingiva), and subtypes (Subtype A, normal biological distance and Subtype B, decreased biological distance). After a correct diagnosis, a surgical correction of the case was performed. Result: The case was surgically corrected by gingivectomy. The aesthetic result is satisfactory, when the healing period is respected, and a correct indication of the treatment techniques for gingival smile correction. Conclusion: It is concluded that when correctly diagnosed the gingival smile, the final result obtained is highly satisfactory.


Como citar

Como citar: Paloski L, Souza KMR, Pfau EA, Pfau VJM. Periodontal aesthetic surgery: treatment option for cases with gingival smile caused by associated etiologies. J Clin Dent Res. 2017 Jul-Sept;14(3):78-87. DOI: https://doi.org/10.14436/2447-911x.14.3.078-087.oar


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